Researched and written by Kevin HERRIDGE (2011) (copyright), President, Algiers Historical Society, http://www.algiershistoricalsociety.org

When Jean Baptiste Le MOYNE BIENVILLE founded New Orleans in April, 1718, he claimed a large portion of the west bank of the Mississippi River for the Crown. He claimed a portion of this land for himself, which included Algiers Point. The area soon became the site of the city slaughter house, powder magazine and the holding area for newly arrived enslaved Africans. Louisiana was ceded to Spain on 11/3/ 1762. After his arrival in New Orleans with more than 2000 troops, on 12/1/1769, General Alejandro O’REILLY, he decreed the lands belonging to the Crown should be offered for sale to settlers to clear and farm.

Louis BOREPO was deeded the area between what is now McDonoghville to Verret St. He sold it to Jacques RIXNER in 1770. He then sold the property to Pierre BOUGARD in 1777, who willed the property to his grandson, Martial LeBOEUF in 1786. LeBOEUF sold the tract to Barthelemy DUVERJE, a sugar planter. During that time, Algiers Point got its first ferry to the east bank and the first dry dock. DUVERJE’s Plantation was built somewhere around 1815-1816. In 1837, Barthelemy DUVERJE’s widow, Dame Alix BIENVENU DUVERJE made a donation of the first two lots of the even side of the 200 block of Pelican Ave to her daughter, Dame Evelina DUVERJE, the widow of Charles Godfroy OLIVIER: “Bourg Duverje on the right bank of the Mississippi River, forming the corner of Pierre (now Pelican) and Bounis (now Bouny) Sts.” In the remainder of the century, Algiers dramatically changed, with the DUVERJE property being developed and sold, or leased as lots for homes and businesses, including dry docks, the lumber industry, and the coming of the railroads. Algiers was boasting 43 saloons in 1909! The Real Estate Tax Assessment records start in 1869 and the lot, where the pub now stands was owned by Mrs. Charles Godfroy OLIVIER. In 1870, the value of the lot jumps, which indicates a building was erected on the lot. Mrs. Evelina DUVERJE, widow of Charles Godfroy OLIVIER, sold property to Joseph DiBARTOLO in 1882. The city directory gives an entry: Joseph DeBARTOIS, grocer, Bouny, n.e. corner of Peter. He ran the grocery store up until 1891 with his sons, Anthony and Stephen, helping out as clerks. The 1890 city directory shows DiBARTOLO running a saloon at 22 Peter St. It would appear he ran both businesses from the same building.

In a Commodity advertisement from 05/16/1894 edition of the “Algiers Herald”: I wonder if Mr. DiBARTOLO sold it?: “No danger of smallpox if you drink Penngleann whisky.”

The 1894 assessment shows DiBARTOLO had animals – horses, mares, mules, etc. After the Great Fire of 1895, the property was completely destroyed. The building must have been rebuilt in the 3 years after the fire, as the 1898 City Directory gives Anthony DiBARTOLO, a saloon at Bouny corner. 03/03/1900, edition of the ‘Daily States’ shows:“Joseph PE, alias GALLIEN, alias GALLIANI, was arrested at 7.30 o’clock this morning on Pelican Ave and Bouny St, by Corporal Peter JOHNSON, on the charge of being dangerous and suspicious. PE, or GALLIEN, is the demented Italian who persists in frequenting the streets of Algiers, though he has no home in the district, and frightening pedestrians by his idiotic actions. He was committed, as usual, for 30 days, by Recorder CLEMENT.”

The 1900 Census shows an Italian immigrant running a bar from these rented premises: CHETTA, Salvador, emigrated to US in 1872, bar room, rents. John FINLEY ran a saloon at 200 Pelican Ave from 1904-09. The 1908/09 map shows an L-shaped building, facing Pelican, with a vacant store/saloon at the front and a dwelling behind. In 1910, Joseph DiBARTOLO, sold the lot next to the pub to Henry James. Joseph DiBARTOLO died in 1917 and the property was leased to M. G. BALLIVIERO. This would have been Joseph’s son. The property changes hands again in 1918, when sold to Julius BODENGER.

Same year, Messrs. Julius BODENGER and Joseph F. DiBARTOLO sold the property to Mrs. Katie TALLUTO, wife of Joseph SPATAFORA. From 1920 to 1932 Joseph SPATAFORA was listed in the city directories as a grocer at 200 Pelican Ave. The SPATAFORAs appeared in the 1920 Census at 200 Pelican Ave, renting out 202. In 1933, Attillio PEDONE ran a grocery store at 200 Pelican Ave. On the 1937 map, the “L” shaped part of the building on Pelican that existed on the 1909 map has disappeared and a shotgun double has taken its place. From 1938-1940, 200 Pelican Ave, was the home to the Algiers Sewing Machine Store, a business owned by Howard M. & Edith JONES. In the Succession of Joseph SPATAFORA, dated 08/13/1954, Catherine TALLUTO, his widow, was placed in possession of the property.

The 1960 city directory shows the ‘Town Tavern,’ at 133 Delaronde St. (now the Dry Dock Café & Bar), owned by Johnny MORTON. Due to a fire in the old ‘Town Tavern’, he moved the business to 200 Pelican and ran it there for about 30 yrs. There was a business run out of the rear of the bar in the 1960’s called ‘Chicken In A Box.’ Neighbors also said Johnny MORTON sold seafood from the rear of the building. Johnny MORTON grew up on Atlantic and married Kathryn (Ethelynne) SHORT. The 1961 and 1962 city directories show 200 Pelican as vacant. The 1964 edition has two addresses – 200 is Sidney’s Lunch Rooms, and 202 is vacant. Sidney’s did not last long as from 1965 to 1969, both addresses were vacant. No.200 was vacant in 1971. The ‘Town Tavern’ is listed in 1976 at 200 Pelican and from 1977 to 1986 the ‘Town Tavern Cocktail Lounge’ is listed at 200. 200 Pelican goes upscale in 1986, when it becomes the ‘Town Tavern Incorporated Cocktail Lounge,’ and remains the same until 1997. It is not listed in 1998 or 1999.

On 03/26/1997, Ethelynne SHORT MORTON and John J. MORTON sold the property to Dawn and Alastair JACKSON. They did a lot of renovation work to the property and opened it as the Crown & Anchor English Pub in 1998. On 07/30/2005, Dawn A. GREGORY sold the property to BALES/DAVIS, Inc. James LEWIS was the bar manager.

On 01/19/2010 Neil TIMMS became The Pub manager/co-owner, and both he and his wife, and barmaids, welcome all comers for some English hospitality, New Orleans style!